Who We Are

We Are The Innovation Partner To Big Enterprises in Indonesia

We are a Netherlands-based global team of self-organized tech talents. Our deep tech expertise and entrepreneurial attitude empower businesses with impactful and industry-specific software solutions. We spur innovation in established global corporates through end-to-end product engineering services.

We are proud of our courage to experiment and go beyond what is expected. Smooth communication, honesty, transparency, team play, and flexibility are our hallmarks. No matter if you want to join us as a teammate or as a client, you are sure to stay inspired!

WOW! Culture - Our USP

Our ‘WOW! Culture’ is our strength. We’ve trashed dumb rules. We have a progressive culture that fosters creativity, responsibility, and happiness. The following elements make our culture a winner.

Fully Agile

We are one of the pioneers of Agile software development. We are a fully agile company with even the non-IT teams (like HR, Operations, Finance and Sales & Marketing) working in the Agile model. Our Agile nature helps our clients to get superior-quality working software early and frequently. It also results in a high level of predictability. efficient team management and active involvement in the project throughout. Our sister company, Ekipa, is making Indonesia Agile.

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Truly Self-Organized

We self-organize around opportunities and proactively complete the tasks with a collective focus on clients’ goals. We pick up and complete tasks with full ownership and accountability. We ensure that the client requirements are clear and fully understood before we actually build it. This helps us to make the end goal better for the sake of the buyer/user. Clients can enjoy the skills of dedicated team of experts without micromanaging any of the teammates.

Entrepreneurial Attitude

We are great programmers with a twist! Yes, we are highly entrepreneurial and are not mere executors of clients’ perspectives. Our software experts are brimming with insightful ideas. We offer creative solutions to improve the existing idea and help you build meaningful and successful software products.

We have a solid business presence in Europe, the Americas, East and SouthEast Asia, India, and the Middle East.

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