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Provido Global

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Managing multiple information systems and membership databases is a complex task for many large scale organizations. Lack of an efficiently-managed centralized backend system is the main cause for such troubles. Combining databases into a single and centralized one can be a daunting task, but an expert IT solutions provider can effectively solve it.

Here is one of our successful client stories of designing a future-ready and scalable backend infrastructure to solve the overwhelming information puzzle of a leading Hong Kong-based company.

Requirement Outline

Provido Global Limited, a leading Hong Kong-based software company, approached Bridge Global for the pressing need of one of their clients to have an automated and centralized backend system or all their websites using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Their client is a leading gaming solution provider in Hong Kong. They offer Back-office, Customer Portal, Marketing, Integration and Payment solutions to gaming brands across the globe.

Their existing system was an ineffectual framework of 30 applications, 50 plus databases, and 100 plus employees, who were mainly engaged in the manual task of importing data, edit it and upload. They wanted to give a complete system facelift by making it fully automated and independent.

Our Approach and Solutions

  • Completed the Proof of Concept (POC) for future plans as a kiosk application, which could be used as a future product too.
  • Followed a self-organizing, cross-functional team model that adheres to Agile Scrum practices.
  • Extended a team of Scrum Master, DevOps Expert, QA Specialists, .Net/ Python/Django Developers, Dynamic 365 experts, UI/UX experts, etc.
  • Followed DevOps to ensure continuous improvement and quality
      We have upgraded the system as the below four applications
    • Front end application using Angular JS, HTML 5
    • Kiosk application using Ionic
    • Backend API using Django, Python, and PostgreSQL
    • Backend Core using Dynamics 365

An Interim Requirement

Meanwhile, the client had to handle another critically time-bound project involving a great level of financial data-handling. Complete automation of the system was a vital task in the project.

  • Our team executed the project in the most self-organized way
  • Learned the new technologies that were essential for accomplishing the new project.
  • Our designers also participated in the project by learning to programme! This helped us to fill the need for additional programmers in a smart way, without any additional cost or headache to the client.
  • Each member of the team was upbeat in the decision-making and idea-generation process.
  • Used the best collaborative methods and time-tested Agile Scrum practices.
  • Used DevOps to ensure continuous improvement and quality.

Technologies used:

Dynamics 365, Angular, Python, Node JS, Jenkins, Docker, Gitlab CI, AWS

The Outcome

The competent automated functionalities have helped the client in scaling their business. Each role in the team grew in multiples attaining a growth rate of more than 200% in less than a year. This was a true symbol of the client’s trust in our able team.

We completed the challenging interim project in the delicate financial domain on time and within budget. The trust that the client showed in us makes us proud of our progressive work culture that is rooted in self-organization.

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Provido Global

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