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Pacetracer AB is an academic training specialist from Sweden with years of experience in education and lecturing at events, courses, schools and universities.

Requirement Outline

They approached us to develop a Mobile App named ‘Paceholder’ for event organizers and course conductors to run quizzes.

The client had been trying to tackle a major challenge faced by them over the years: the tendency of learners/attendees of a course/lecture to rapidly forget the newly learnt information. They wanted the Paceholder app as a versatile solution to this problem.

The client needed both Android and iOS apps which should be compatible in tabs and phones.

Our Approach and Solutions

  • Extended a tailor-made team of developers
  • Started with building the backend
  • The team got expanded with the inclusion of mobile developers, UI/UX and QA
  • Created versatile backend applications
  • Created Android and iOS applications that are compatible with tabs and phones
  • Developed a custom CMS for backend
  • Developed a marketing website for the client
  • Followed Agile software development with Kanban

A quick look into the functionalities of Paceholder app

The Paceholder app has been designed as a fun and interactive tool that pose challenging questions, refresh the content and introduce new angels on the subject after an event. This helps participants to deepen and widen their knowledge and understanding.

It gives access to the event - Participants can download the Paceholder app and enter their e-mail address and a code to access the event.

It allows participants to resume and learn new things – The app will ask questions about the content at the course and also provides new information that is relevant for the users.

It helps information to stick more easily – By posing questions related to the information/knowledge passed through the event, participants are more likely to remember the content in the long run.

Technologies used:

Swift (iOS), Java (Android), Serenity, Fullpage.JS, Angular 5, MS SQL Server, WEB API and Azure.

The Outcome

Paceholder app is a highly functional app that helps the users to actually exceed the level of knowledge they received at the event itself. The client is greatly impressed by the way we executed the task on time following the Agile software development with the Kanban process.

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